Hello, I'm Jenna

‘To Nestle’ is to be comforted. To some it may be the way a baby settles in its mother’s arms, to others perhaps simply the comfort of their own home. I chose a name for my site which relates to the two main aspects of my life: Parenting and Design. It’s a name which has meant I can combine a personal blog, family life and (eventually) an independent brand selling design-led homewares all in to one.

My day job is an Interior Designer and Visualizer at Sara Slade Ltd in Cambridge. I’ve been working in the design industry 6 years and studied Art & Design 8 years. Besides design, my other passion is Motherhood. I knew having a baby would change things, but I didn’t realise quite how much it would change my outlook on life, or me as an individual. That Woman to Mother transition is pretty crazy, isn’t it?!