Generally my photography documents raising a boy. Capturing moments and memories, with my son. My Instagram feed is a peek into a snapshot of our lives as our role of mother + son. I only use my iPhone 6+, and I am by no means a professional photographer nor a camera expert.

It’s just been important since Noah’s birth to capture those little fleeting parent + childhood moments which are so easily forgotten. So he can see where he came from… really see. The photographs from my childhood were pretty standard, sorry mum + dad. So I am visually documenting fragments of our lives. The little things which make up the ‘everyday’. That means preserving pretty cool, cropped, square-shaped memories for Noah to look back on. In the hope that one day he recognises through photographs, the same smiles and moments that connect his past to his present.

My lifestyle photography has been featured in various digital publications and offline print articles. Including as far away as Japan, with a page spread in Japanese photography magazine, Camera Biyori.