Momzie App – Transforming The Way Mums Connect.

I’m really excited to introduce a new app called Momzie!

It’s an app JUST for mums or mums-to-be, yay! It allows mothers to connect with eachother similarly to, dare I say it, ‘Tinder’. Same concept, swipe left or right. But obviously minus those seedy chat up lines, and no men woohoo ?? ha ha. Just mums matching with other mums, on a platform enabling them to create a friendship. A friendship based on that similar journey they each face known as Motherhood!

Momzie was released in the UK just last week, on the 8th February 2017. It’s a fun and SAFE way to meet other mums. It’s also 100% FREE.

A recent study by the British Red Cross and Co-Op revealed around a fifth of the British population feels lonely! That’s a pretty sad statistic. Becoming a mother was shown to be one of the key triggers from that study. The harsh reality of motherhood is that it can be a lonely place! You can feel somewhat disconnected from your friends, the ones who aren’t in the same boat. You find yourself in a totally different role and the changes to your everyday seem so dramatic at first. Motherhood is the most amazing thing, but it’s not always easy and there’s alot of unknown battles. It can seem that the support network you once had, has gone. And you tend to find out who your real friends are the hard way. Feeling isolated in one way or another seems quite the norm for any mother after childbirth. Luckily Momzie App is ‘determined to put an end to this loneliness for mothers for good.’ Doesn’t this sound great?!

Because let’s face it, we all know maternity leave goes abit like this…

Image courtesy of the amazing Jessie Cave.


Here’s a few screenshots from the App in use. To show the gist of how it works:

Basically to find a mama friend/match, you:

    1. Input your location
    2. Input your details
    3. Input your child’s DOB (or any expected babys EDD) and Gender
    4. Upload some photos (you have a gallery of up to six photos on your profile)
    5. Write a short bio about yourself.

You are then ready to search and connect with other mums/users. As you can see you are able to adjust the search radius, child’s age range and mother’s age, to limit your results. The whole app is really well designed, and easy to use.

When you eventually find someone to match with, it looks abit like this —>




Momzie is the brainchild of young Finnish entrepreneur Hanna Lilja who has worked tirelessly with her team since Autumn 2015 to make Momzie a reality, to help improve the lives of mums around the world.

Momzie is for women only! It is completely FREE and available in the App Store and on Google Play RIGHT NOW. Go and search for it, maybe we will match 😉

Twitter: @momzieapp

Instagram: @momzieapp

I hope you enjoy it!

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