✨That Magical Nesting Feeling✨

Nesting has always interested me. I think it’s because my day job is in the interior design industry. The fact my home seemed to completely transform during my nesting period fascinated me. Quickly and progressively without little thought or particular plan my whole home changed. Because of an indescribable need to improve and reorganise things.

Nesting’s hard to explain to someone whose never felt or experienced it for themselves. The effect expecting a baby has on a woman shines through in that nesting period. When her life, attitude and home flourishes. So much stuff just gets done. Stuff that’s been on the to-do list for years miraculously gets sorted. Stuff you’ve never even considered sorting before gets sorted. Anything you’ve been nagging someone to fix, you MAKE them sort that second. Well that day at least. Basically, as an expectant mother you ensure everything is absolutely perfect for that little brand-new human you’ve got arriving and you let nothing get in the way.

I’ve asked numerous friends and some said they’d never experienced nesting during their pregnancies?! Which sounds weird to me, because I know if I felt like I did during my nesting period in my pregnancy everyday, then every single day would be so very, very constructive!

Whilst I was deep in that magical nesting spree myself, everything within sight got a new coat of paint. Floorboards and furniture included. Child-friendly paint by the way. I know before Noah arrived earth side I was going crazy. Like excessive baking – cheesecake and tray of shortbread and homemade loaf of bread a day minimum kind of thing. Buying unnecessary items that I’d never wanted before. Packing, unpacking and re-arranging my hospital bag. Washing, Ironing and folding baby clothes – brand new baby clothes. Sorting out baby’s wardrobe at least once a day. Cleaning and anti-bacing every item and surface in sight. Just making EVERYthing ‘homely’ and what I felt ‘safe’.

I need another baby just to feel those nesting vibes again. Seriously.

What did you get up to on your maternity leave? Did you get that magical sense of nesting too? Or is it true, does it not affect every expectant mother?

Let me know in the comments. Genuinely interested/crazy.

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